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New release: Cognac by Nicholas Faith

2 October 2013 by in Book publishing, Wine and spirits

What is it that inspires people to spend astronomical sums of money on a cask of cognac? And what is it about this golden drink that has even driven people to violence? To put it simply: why is cognac the world’s greatest brandy? Nicholas Faith has the answers in his acclaimed Cognac, an unparalleled collection …
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Content is still king

2 October 2013 by in Book publishing, Business and finance

There’s another great article from Marketing Week here, this time about curated content. The article starts with some amazing numbers. We all know that the Web is rather big, but the actual scale is somewhat breath-taking. According to this article the indexed World Wide Web is estimated to contain nearly 4 billion pages. At the …
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Books for bedtime: Catherine Cooper’s Jack Brenin series

25 September 2013 by in Book publishing

It started in 2009 when Catherine Cooper decided to self-publish her first book: The Golden Acorn. Catherine felt all her dreams had come true when judges named her as the winner of the inaugural Brit Writers’ Award for unpublished writers and the Jack Brenin series was signed in a deal with independent publisher Infinite Ideas. …
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Local – Social – Mobile

24 September 2013 by in Book publishing

We loved this article on the Publishing Perspectives website. For a start, the idea of the pub game Chip Stew sounds like a lot of fun. The aim is to create the most revolting dish possible from the words on a pub menu. ‘Mashed Baby Salad’ was one of the winners – I can see …
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The changing world of content

13 September 2013 by in Book publishing

We were musing yet again about the changing shape of our industry. It had been a long week and the Infinite Ideas boys and girls were enjoying a Friday afternoon drink to relax before the weekend. We’ve just published The Corporate Wellness Bible (which has some interesting observations about alcohol and the workplace but we …
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Publishing as a business booster

2 September 2013 by in Book publishing

‘Every one lives by selling something.’ Robert Louis Stevenson  A well-published book can reap huge benefits for the author. In 2006 and Wellesley Hills Group published a report that confirmed this. Titled The Business Impact of Writing a Book, it was based on an extensive study of business book authors, an impressive 96% of whom …
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