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A meeting of fine wine minds

4 December 2023 by in Book publishing, Classic Wine Library

PRESS RELEASE: Académie du Vin Library Ltd. today announced the acquisition of the Classic Wine Library publishing list from Infinite Ideas Ltd.

This wine publishing brand of 33 titles is synonymous with quality reference guides to many of the world’s top wine regions, as well as specialist titles on history, marketing and biodynamic practices. (Read more)

Extract: The wines of Piemonte, by David Way

Extract: The wines of Piemonte, by David Way

19 September 2023 by in Classic Wine Library, Extracts, Wine and spirits

In this extract from his new book, published on 4 September, David Way looks at how winemaking and wine regulations have changed in Barolo and Barbaresco in the last 40 years, and explains the effects this has had on wine quality, the popularity of these wines and the prices paid for them. (Read more)

Cultivating a passion for fortified wine

3 August 2022 by in Classic Wine Library, Wine and spirits

Wines go in and out of fashion. Madeira’s heyday was in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, but recent decades have seen a revival of interest in this unique wine. Tourism in the 1970s brought a new audience, and then, in 1986, Portugal joined what was to become the EU, aiding trade as well as leading to investment in the vineyards and a raising of quality standards. (Read more)