Is Nigel Farage an authentic leader?

1 May 2015 by in Authentic leadership, Current events

Barely a week has gone by this year without a UKIP scandal making the headlines, a member of the party has had to step down because they have made a racist/homophobic/sexist gaffe and have ’embarrassed the party’. Whether you can embarrass a party whose leader is the prime reason nobody can take it seriously is a matter for the voters to decide.

After the scandal over a member having gone to Wadham College in Oxford and then ‘changing her mind’ or Farage declaring that his party is not racist because they have one ‘half black’ and one ‘fully black’ member. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this is all some sort of bad-taste seventies comedy, but no, here is a man who believes he and his party have the best intentions for British citizens and are going to make Britain a better place come the election next week.

We only have six days left until the polls open and there’ll be more town hall debates, character assassinations and vacuous claims coming from all sides until the Public are left with the final word. However much we have laughed at Farage, found amusement in the ridiculous nature of his party and campaigning, there is a very real danger that this man will gain a seat in parliament next week.

Yes, he looks like he smells of fags, booze and misogyny, but Farage is a real danger to the psyche of British politics. His hypocritical policies are having a deep impact on potential voters. Now, we’re not comparing him to Hitler, but Farage, much like Hitler, is looking for a scapegoat for the British peoples’ problems. For Hitler, it was the Jews, for Farage, it is immigrants. Statistically, immigrants in Britain put more into the economy than they take out, and many come here, not to sponge off the system, but to make a better life for themselves and their families. Farage himself married a German woman and employs her as his secretary. It will be a difficult day at the airport for the Farage family if he is forced to deport his own wife. But then, we would not expect a hypocrite to do that, would we?

Then there are the claims that Farage has the best interests of the British people and has put them at the heart of his policies. A little-known fact about this man is that he used to be a banker in the very city that for too long has creamed off the profits and put the economy in a very compromised position. Do not be fooled by the beer-swilling, everyday man that Farage presents himself to be. He will certainly not be affected by the bedroom tax or the benefits cuts. He likely has little to no idea how the everyday person manages with VAT at 20% and the rising cost of living.

When it comes to polling day, consider yourselves and consider that this man his no idea what he is doing. Power can be very dangerous in the wrong hands, and one who is seeking it so desperately should have his motives called into question. Farage is anything but authentic.

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