Infinite Ideas in South Africa

14 August 2013 by in Book publishing

We’re delighted to have received pictures of a recent launch in South Africa for Michael Lee’s new book, Knowing our Future.

This wonderful event took place at Skoobs Theatre of Books in Sandton, Johannesburg. Sadly no one from the Oxford office could make it over which is a pity as it looks like a great party – and we do enjoy a party. The great and the good attended and we’re looking forward to seeing some strong media coverage.

Clem Sunter, one of South Africa’s leading futurologists and business thinkers, read from Michael’s book and a lively question and answer session took place afterwards. We’re sharing some pictures here:

photo 1

Michael Lee and Clem Sunter looking relaxed before the launch

photo 2

The party in full swing – shame we missed it!

photo 3

Michael in full flow

photo 4

Clem in full flow

Many thanks to Michael, Clem, our friends in South Africa SG Distributors and Skoob Books for putting on such a great event. It certainly gives the girls and boys in Oxford something of a warm glow to see Infinite Ideas’ books making a splash globally.