FREE: Nicholas Faith’s Guide to Cognac

5 August 2014 by in Wine and spirits

Your FREE copy of the 2014 edition of Nicholas Faith’s Guide to Cognac, with a completely updated directory and tasting notes, is available here.

This invaluable resource for fans of cognac and other drinks draws on the latest edition of Nicholas’s prize-winning Cognac: The Story of the World’s Greatest Brandy, published by Infinite Ideas.

The book is available to download completely free of charge as a PDF or as an ebook for your Kindle or other e-reading device.

Cognac directory coverThis directory of cognac brands is based on the author’s thirty years’ experience in writing about the world’s greatest brandy, visiting the region’s producers and discussing their offerings with them. The tasting notes reflect Nicholas’s personal tastes, which are for cognacs which combine purity – that is, the lack of any apparent sugar, caramel, or artificial woodiness – with positive qualities, reflecting grapiness, nuttiness and fresh or candied fruitiness.

Nicholas Faith’s Guide to Cognac provides full contact details and tasting notes for well over 100 cognac producers. In addition our friends at have supplied some tempting cocktail recipes to sample.

We hope this directory will provide you with an up-to-date source of information while also introducing you to a new world of cognac producers.

Our book has been recommended by Per Karlsson, of BK Wine Magazine: ‘If you want to know a little more about cognac you could do worse than getting yourself a free copy of Nicholas Faith’s Guide to Cognac. You can buy [a printed version or] the electronic version at no cost.

Nicolas Faith is an expert on cognac and has written extensively on it over many years. Perhaps one of the world leading experts on the spirit from Charentes.

This small book contains an introduction to cognac and a “directory” of the main cognac producers, including short profiles and tasting notes of the producers. More than 100 producers are included. It is short, concise and a good start for the cognac lover.

This book is based on Nicolas Faith’s much more extensive tome Cognac: The Story of the World’s Greatest Brandy, published by Infinite Ideas. “The Guide” has some 130 pages in small format whereas “The Story” is more than 200 pages filled with much denser text.’