Self help

Self-help books have acquired something of a stigma. They are dismissed by many as peddling new age nonsense to the gullible. We’re here to remove that stigma – our self help books aren’t like that.

What could be more liberating than meeting your own challenges, solving your own problems or teaching yourself something new? That’s what self-help means to us, and it covers the vast majority of the books we publish. Live-organicWe have built an impressive collection of titles that deliver practical advice in a friendly, digestible manner and contain ideas that are easy to implement. Reading one of our books could be the first step towards a better body, mind, relationship or job. Alternatively readers could learn to play the guitar, get some inspiration for home improvements or discover how to unearth their family tree.

Our major series in this subject area is 52 Brilliant Ideas. It’s the first series we published and has become popular round the world, with titles being translated into 40 different languages. The ideas in these books are short – just 1000 words – and every chapter is self contained so that readers can dip in to the book and select the idea most helpful to them at a particular time. It’s instant empowerment.

The Feel Good Factory on stress-free livingFor readers even more pressed for time we created Brilliant Little Ideas, which deliver practical ideas in the same friendly, down-to-earth style but at half the length. They can be read while queuing for the bus, waiting for the kids at the school gate or on a coffee break, and implemented straight away.

We also have themed anthologies of our ideas in books such as Be the woman you want to be and Relax and enjoy life. The Feel Good Factory series delivers ideas in a stylish, attractive package.

Explore any of these series or take a look at our entire books list to discover the breadth of self-help information we have to offer.