Classic Wine Library

When we set up The Classic Wine Library we were intent on both enlightening and entertaining those serious about wine (and a few other drinks too). The series has a history stretching back more than fifty years and has been published by Infinite Ideas since 2013. Books are detailed enough to provide plenty of information – much of which is not available anywhere else – for students of wine, sommeliers and others who work in the wine industry, but accessible enough to be enjoyed by anybody with an enthusiasm for wine. All our authors are expert in their subject, many are Masters of Wine and all have years of experience in the wine industry. Not only that, but the whole series is edited and curated by an editorial board. Sarah Jane Evans MW, Richard Mayson and James Tidwell MS are well-known in the wine industry and their expertise and opinions are widely respected. Each title is commissioned based on their recommendations and the manuscript assessed thoroughly by one or more of the editorial board before being published. We believe this rigorous approach makes our wine books uniquely authoritative: in a world of dubious information The Classic Wine Library is one resource serious wine lovers and professionals can really trust.

There are currently 31 books in the series, with a further 8 in the pipeline and more to be added shortly.
Amarone and the fine wines of Verona, Michael Garner
Biodynamic wine, Monty Waldin
Cognac: The story of the world’s greatest brandy, Nicholas Faith
Côte d’Or: The wines and winemakers of the heart of Burgundy, Raymond Blake
Fizz! Champagne and Sparkling Wines of the World, Anthony Rose
Madeira: The islands and their wines, Richard Mayson
Port and the Douro, Richard Mayson
Rosé: Understanding the pink wine revolution, Elizabeth Gabay MW
Sake and the wines of Japan, Anthony Rose
Sherry, Julian Jeffs
Spirits Distilled, Mark Ridgwell
The story of champagne, Nicholas Faith
The wines of Austria, Stephen Brook
The wines of Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova, Caroline Gilby MW
The wines of Canada, Rod Phillips
The wines of Faugères, Rosemary George MW
The wines of Chablis, Rosemary George MW
The wines of Georgia, Lisa Granik MW
The wines of Germany, Anne Krebiehl MW
The wines of Great Britain, Stephen Skelton MW
The wines of Greece, Konstantinos Lazarakis MW
The wines of New Zealand, Rebecca Gibb MW
The wines of northern Spain, Sarah Jane Evans MW
The wines of Piemonte, David Way
The wines of Portugal, Richard Mayson
The wines of Roussillon, Rosemary George MW
The wines of South Africa, Jim Clarke
The wines of Southwest U.S.A., Jessica Dupuy
Wines of the Languedoc, Rosemary George MW
Wines of the Rhône, Matt Walls
Wine: A social and cultural history of the drink that changed our lives, Rod Phillips

Scheduled for publication
The wines of Australia, Mark Davidson
The wines of Beaujolais, Natasha Hughes MW
The white wines of Bordeaux, Mary Gorman-McAdams MW
The wines of Brazil, Tufi Neder Meyer
The wines of California, Elaine Chukan Brown
The wines of central and southern Spain, Sarah Jane Evans MW
The wines of south-west France, Rod Phillips
Wines of the Loire Valley, Beverley Blanning MW

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Reviews of The Classic Wine Library Series:
The wines of Roussillon: ‘The most important book ever written in defence of this wonderful, unique wine region … George has executed another superb book, and, in my opinion, her best yet. We wine lovers can be so hell-bent on discovering the next new region. George has shown that there is a hidden treasure, centuries old, brand new, right under our noses.’ Tamlyn Currin,

Wines of the Rhône: ‘Highly recommended … full of insights … Walls is a quiet listener with a superb palate. He has committed the necessary shoe leather to find the best producers in the region.’ Victoria Moore, The Telegraph

Fizz!: ‘The best and most up-to-date 388 pages on the world of sparkling wine that it is possible to find.’ Tom Stevenson, The World of Fine Wine

Côte d’Or: ‘The book delights for the charm, elegance, and conviction of Blake’s prose – concise, informative, and leavened by abundant Wildean wit … Supremely, this is a work of distinguished literary merit. It is also very readable, a real page-turner. Bravo!’ Michael Edwards, The World of Fine Wine

The wines of Greece: ‘A formidable resource for anyone remotely interested in Greek wine … English speakers are privileged to have the insights of such an articulate insider on the wines of Greece.’ Tamlyn Currin,

Rosé: ‘This comprehensive study of rosé will open your eyes — and your palate — to the infinite variety and pleasure of rosé.’ Mike Veseth, The Wine Economist

Spirits Distilled: ‘An informative, easy to read book for the novice and good reference to the expert.’ Colin Hampden-White, Newsletter of the Circle of Wine Writers

Cognac: ‘A thorough and engaging resource – the essential companion for every cognac enthusiast.’ Brandy Classics

Madeira: ‘The book [is] so delightful that I am now reading it for the second time.’ Blend, The Online Wine Magazine

Sherry: ‘His intimate knowledge of this most versatile of fortified wines shines through every page.’ Gavin D. Smith, Times Literary Supplement Review

The story of Champagne: ‘This is an excellent book that should be on the bookshelf of every champagne lover and MW student.’ Tamlyn Currin,

The wines of Austria: ‘An excellent reference book.’ Steve Slatcher,

The wines of Bulgaria: ‘One of the most unflinchingly honest wine books I have ever read. She is not afraid to be critical … but at no point do you get a sense of someone trying to expose vulnerabilities for a good storyline. Instead, everything about the book reads a bit like tough love. Gilby has the piercing insight of someone with a scientist’s brain and a mother’s heart.’ Tamlyn Currin,

The wines of Canada: ‘The wines of Canada is a serious, detailed look at the history, regions and individual producers of wines … With Canada now playing host to more than 700 wineries nationwide, this is an essential guide.’ Christine Austin, The Yorkshire Post

The wines of Faugères: ‘… a valuable and gently provocative contribution to professional literature on wine … immensely detailed.’ Liz Sagues, Circle of Wine Writers Update

The wines of New Zealand: ‘What a great resource … The book’s 300+ pages are packed full of stories, personalities, facts, and figures. Gibb’s mastery of this material is easy to appreciate, but it is her contagious enthusiasm that comes through most clearly.’ Mike Veseth, The Wine Economist

Wines of the Languedoc: ‘This is the most important book written on the Languedoc so far.’ Tamlyn Currin,

Sake and the wines of Japan: ‘If you picked up this book completely indifferent to sake, you wouldn’t make it 60 pages in without getting online to see where you could find a sake tasting … well worth reading.’ Tamlyn Currin,