The Lost Treasure of Annwn

The Adventures of Jack Brenin

by Catherine Cooper
The Lost Treasure of Annwn
Available as:
Pub Date: November 2012
Kindle ISBN: 9781908474728
Print ISBN: 9781908984043
Pages: 320

Many centuries ago, one of Annwn’s greatest treasures, a golden torc, was broken into three pieces and hidden away for safe keeping. If Jack Brenin can find the pieces and remake this lost treasure it will prove beyond doubt that he is the rightful heir to the throne of Annwn. The Lost Treasure of Annwn, following on from his adventures in Silver Hill, sees Jack wrestling with a daunting mission. Jack must find the missing pieces and remake them into the king’s torc or there will be no coronation at Samhain. If Jack is unsuccessful in his quest he will only be King of the Festivals, like his ancestor before him. At the same time he is troubled by dreams about Velindur and has to cope with the local bullies. Featuring all the series’ favourite characters, including Camelin, Elan and the Dorysk, The Lost Treasure of Annwn is about friendship, loyalty and determination, and proving your worth to yourself and others.

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