Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince

'Infinite Success' :  52 brilliant ideas interpretation

by Tim Phillips
Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince
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Pub Date: September 2008
Kindle ISBN: N/A
Print ISBN: 978-1904902836
Pages: 118

Machiavelli based The Prince on his profound understanding of human nature. This short treatise on Renaissance statecraft and power has been controversial and inspiring since its first publication nearly 500 years ago. Machiavelli’s analysis of the ways men seize, retain, and lose power represented the first expose of realpolitik and it has been used ever since as a handbook for manipulating events to one’s own advantage. Here, Machiavelli’s text is interpreted for the modern day world of business. Tim Phillips’ interpretation of Machiavelli’s work is not a substitute for the original; its purpose is simply to illustrate the timeless nature of Machiavelli’s insights by bringing them to life through modern business and political case studies. This brilliant interpretation of The Prince is an entertaining accompaniment to one of the most famous books ever written.