Kate Cook’s Wellness Guide

Inspiring health choices for your well-being transformation

by Kate Cook
Kate Cook’s Wellness Guide
Available as:
Pub Date: September 2016
Kindle ISBN: 9781910902493
Print ISBN: 9781908984913
Pages: 260

Kate Cook’s Wellness Guide is an accessible, engaging and practical resource which provides you with numerous practical health and wellness insights, and suggests how they can be applied to everyday life, giving you more energy for work and more vitality for your home and leisure life. Take on board the ideas in this book and there will be no more wasting your holidays recovering from work-induced stress and fatigue. Instead you’ll be equipped to live all aspects of your life to their fullest.

Kate Cook’s Wellness Guide is not intended to be a ‘wagging finger’, telling you what you should and shouldn’t do; more of a good friend chatting with you over a cup of tea, giving some considered advice. Inside you’ll find stacks of quick tips and hints to help you on your way to total-life wellness. Dip in and find the ideas most relevant to you, including:

  • The best foods to eat for energy at work (funnily enough they aren’t coffee and a chocolate bar);
  • How to sleep well every night and wake refreshed and ready for the day’s challenges;
  • Fun ways of getting fit for exercise haters;
  • How to manage your workload so you can leave on time every day without dreading coming back the next;
  • What you can do about it if your colleagues are dreary or your boss is a bully.

The ideas in this book are intended to help you make positive changes that will enhance your work life and leave you with energy to spare at the end of the working day for your family, friends and fun. You’ll be more fulfilled, happier and better prepared for every day – work or play.