Game of Thrones on Business

Strategy, morality and leadership lessons from the world's most talked about TV show

by Rebecca Clare Tim Phillips
Game of Thrones on Business
Available as:
Pub Date: April 2015
Print ISBN: 9781908984388
Pages: 160

Game of Thrones is a global phenomenon that has attracted record viewing figures for HBO and won a huge international fan base as well as collecting numerous awards and nominations. But surely a fantasy involving dragons, ice monsters and heads on spikes is about as far from the world of business as it’s possible to get, isn’t it?

In Game of Thrones on Business Tim Phillips and Rebecca Clare present readers with a fascinating and entertaining take on the hidden leadership and management lessons the drama contains. The authors take particular storylines and demonstrate how we can learn from the successes achieved and (more often) mistakes made by the characters involved. Drawing parallels with modern business examples the authors illustrate that far from merely being the most entertaining programme on TV Game of Thrones is a business tool par excellence for everyone from management trainee to CEO, in organizations from SMEs to global corporations.

Management-Gold_NewGame of Thrones on Business has been shortlisted for the CMI Management Book of the Year 2016, in the ‘commuter’s read’ category.

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George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer: “an interesting read!”

The Financial Times Money Management (07/05/15): “It’s a good read for all Game of Thrones fans who might want to prepare in case “winter is coming.””

The Sunday Mirror, Notebook magazine (19/04/15): “Surprisingly full of solid advice based on the storylines … it might be what you need to rise through the ranks.”

The Guardian (09/04/15): “Tim Phillips and Rebecca Clare … have written a business book based on the shifting power dynamics of Westeros”

The Guardian (03/03/15): “Canny authors Tim Phillips and Rebecca Clare have seized on the power struggles and psychopaths of Westeros to write Game of Thrones on Business.”

The Guardian (08/04/15): “The Game of Thrones careers guide: job tips from Westeros.”

Daily Telegraph (13/03/15): “Game of Thrones: 5 business lessons from the Seven Kingdoms. A new book, Game of Thrones on Business, argues that Bill Clinton is just like Jon Snow, and that Daenerys and Netflix share the same business strategy.”

People Management Magazine (23/04/15): “In the vicious world of Westeros, where professional development is scarce, the King’s Landing mentoring programme may be [Sansa’s] best chance of survival.”

Square Mile Magazine (May 2015): “Look beyond the dragons, monsters and funny names, and you’ll see that with its story of ambition, deceit, bravery, triumph, and disaster, the series has clear parallels with today’s business world”

City AM (23/11/15): “Daenerys has also acquired the services of experienced strategist Tyrion Lannister and continues to rely on Missandei. She may be growing queenlier by the day, but she is astute enough to realise she cannot rule alone”

P3: Pharmacy Management and Business in Practice (08/04/15): “Tim Phillips and Rebecca Clare explore the comparisons between a ruling dynasty who have become more and more deranged with each passing generation and the modern world of today in which business leaders feel the need to put in a superhuman effort just to stay at the top.”

UK2 Blog (13/03/15): “Tim Phillips and Rebecca Clare, have hit the jackpot with this one”

Rekon business blog, best business books in April 2015 (24/04/15): “Game of Thrones is more than dragons, broadswords, and ‘White Walkers’. Contained within the HBO series are many hidden leadership and management lessons that can be learned.”

Inside Out Magazine (12/05/15): “Rebecca [Clare], and co-author Tim Phillips, wrote Game of Thrones on Business after spotting the parallels between boardroom politics and the Lannister versus Stark politics. […] “It’s a great way to realise that business can be quite exciting, and probably all those business books aren’t as dull as you think they are.””