CIONET Cookbook

Recipes for Digital Success

CIONET Cookbook
Available as:
Pub Date: January 2022
Kindle ISBN: 9781913022921
Print ISBN: 9781913022303
Pages: 160

The technologies available to businesses are becoming ever more sophisticated. The development of the IT landscape has been accelerated by the pandemic, as corporations realise the importance of digital solutions in creating the virtual office, bringing together supplier and customer and ensuring the continuing success of their businesses.

The CIONET Cookbook uses the analogy of a five-star restaurant to explain the importance of optimally integrated technology, with the CIO as Master Chef. In order to provide the best service to its customers, a top restaurant must have the right atmosphere, an inviting menu, a well-equipped kitchen, talented and committed front-of-house and kitchen staff and smooth-running processes that ensure an enjoyable experience for diners. The Master Chef brings all these elements together. Likewise, businesses need to be able to offer great service to customers and business partners, an up-to-date menu of IT solutions, access to the best technology and a great team to implement those systems, all under the leadership of a CIO with vision and energy.

The CIONET Cookbook comprises recipes for success from 25 of today’s most influential and dynamic information technology leaders, across all sectors of business. In it, readers will discover:

  • How David Jack transformed dunnhumby’s data analytics services by putting the customer first;
  • Why Angel Valero is competing with the robots of the future to upgrade Telefónica’s telecommunications business;
  • How Margaret Dawson of open-source software company Red Hat has extended the idea of openness into all aspects of business function to promote a culture of innovation and exchange;
  • Why Charlie Forte, CIO of the UK’s Ministry of Defence, put transformational technologies on the front line to create a cohesive, integrated and adaptable IT framework.

The CIONET Cookbook is an invaluable tool for IT executives at all levels, in businesses of all sizes and across all sectors.