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Our authors come from all walks of life. Some are established journalists and professional writers, others are published for the first time by Infinite Ideas. We’re not like other publishers who will only consider established writers with strong track records. We’re interested in creative people with inspiring ideas and we’re happy to look at most submissions. Take a look at the information here on publishing with Infinite Ideas.

How to become an author
Send us your idea. A short synopsis to Richard Burton ( will get things going.

Want to be a writer but not sure where to start?
Why not start with our free eBook Get Published. There’s some great advice on how to keep those creative juices flowing. We hope it inspires you.

If you want to get in touch with us please email us here, call us on 01865 514 888 or send your correspondence to:

Infinite Ideas
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We look forward to hearing from you. No, really!

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