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The changing world of content

13 September 2013 by in Book publishing

We were musing yet again about the changing shape of our industry. It had been a long week and the Infinite Ideas boys and girls were enjoying a Friday afternoon drink to relax before the weekend. We’ve just published The Corporate Wellness Bible (which has some interesting observations about alcohol and the workplace but we …
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Publishing as a business booster

2 September 2013 by in Book publishing

‘Every one lives by selling something.’ Robert Louis Stevenson  A well-published book can reap huge benefits for the author. In 2006 and Wellesley Hills Group published a report that confirmed this. Titled The Business Impact of Writing a Book, it was based on an extensive study of business book authors, an impressive 96% of whom …
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Infinite Ideas in South Africa

14 August 2013 by in Book publishing

We’re delighted to have received pictures of a recent launch in South Africa for Michael Lee’s new book, Knowing our Future. This wonderful event took place at Skoobs Theatre of Books in Sandton, Johannesburg. Sadly no one from the Oxford office could make it over which is a pity as it looks like a great …
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Inside the mind of a publisher (careful now…)

12 August 2013 by in Book publishing

‘As repressed sadists are supposed to become policemen or butchers so those with an irrational fear of life become publishers.’ Cyril Connolly What prompts a publisher to choose one manuscript and reject another? How will he go about positioning a book in the market? And should you find yourself in the enviable position of receiving …
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Frankenburger and the great Petri dish experiment

5 August 2013 by in Lifestyle

Scientists have grown a hamburger in a lab by transforming cells into muscle and combining them to make a ‘meat’ patty. The patty, inevitably christened ‘Frankenburger’ by the Daily Mail, among others, was revealed and eaten at a news conference in London today. Pioneered by scientists in the Netherlands, this new method of growing meat …
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Five ways to find a literary agent

29 July 2013 by in Book publishing

Getting published with a successful book publishing company is often considered to be as hard as writing the book in the first place. A lot of publishing companies will no longer accept unsolicited manuscripts. This means that they will not even open your book submission. The main route to acquiring a publishing deal is to …
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