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Latest news

The meat dilemma

20 August 2014 by in Corporate wellness, Current affairs, Environment, Food, Health

There are many differing theories on whether it is better to be a vegetarian or an omnivore, if red meat is better than chicken or whether we should all survive on nuts and seeds for the environment’s sake. In a recent Horizon for the BBC, Michael Mosley investigated the effect eating red and processed meats has on our health. (Read more)

Breaking even or breaking bad: is your business the American Dream?

19 August 2014 by in Breaking Bad, Business, Entertainment

The legend of the American Dream can be traced back as early as the first Europeans to settle the continent, recounting how they stepped off the Mayflower and started a new life in the Brave New World. The American Dream is what drove Europeans to board ships and make the perilous journey across the Atlantic in search of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (Read more)

The Premier League season 2014–2015 kicks off

15 August 2014 by in Current affairs, Entertainment, Sport, Uncategorized

Well, after what seems like an eternity with not even a mention of football, the new Premier League season is about to begin. So are you excited, wondering how your team will fare this year? Looking forward to some flashes of goal-scoring genius? Wondering who the season’s new star will be (perhaps it’s the manager – or perhaps not)? (Read more)