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What we mean when we talk about innovation

28 June 2016 by in Business and finance

9781908984579Is the business world’s most talked-about issue also its most poorly understood?

In 2015 53% of UK businesses were innovative, as opposed to 43% in 2013. According to the Global Innovation Index 2015*, the UK was the second most innovative nation, but there is still a long way to go as countries like China are quickly catching up in spite of recent economic problems. (Read more)

Alice’s adventures in Wonderland can help you cut through business jargon

16 June 2016 by in Business and finance

This extract is taken from Alice in strategy land by Kate M. Santon.

Jargon, unfortunately, is nothing new.

We may think that phrases like ‘blue sky thinking’ need to go back firmly in whatever box they sprang out of, but we’re not the first and we won’t be the last to complain about jargon. (Read more)

Data-driven business by Tim Phillips

14 June 2016 by in Business and finance

9781908984609Everyone’s talking about data, so how can you get a piece of the action?

There’s so much data out there: numbers and statistics, everyone says you have to use but where do you start? Data doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating and not every business needs big data. But if you’re in charge of an SME and wondering how to stay ahead of the curve then data can still be useful to you, as long as you stop looking at the big data that everyone’s been talking about and take heed of the small data – much of which you already have. (Read more)