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Fons Trompenaars and the power of publishing

23 November 2015 by in 100+ Management Models, Book publishing, Business and finance, Current events, Nine visions of capitalism

Last week celebrated cross-cultural management guru Fons Trompenaars rose in the influential Thinkers50 global ranking of business thinkers. Trompenaars climbed to 33rd place partly due to his recent book, written with Charles Hampden-Turner, Nine Visions of Capitalism but mainly, according to Stuart Crainer who created Thinkers50 with Des Dearlove in 2001, due to a significant increase in citations of his work during the last two years. (Read more)

Susannah Clarke, co-author of ‘Implementing ISO 9001:2015′, asks whether the principles of DFMA are enough if customer delight gets overlooked along the way?

18 November 2015 by in Business and finance, Implementing ISO 9001:2015

By Susannah Clarke, co-author of Implementing ISO 9001:2015which is available now

I’m working on an interesting project in the Construction sector at the moment, looking at how and what this sector can learn from the automotive and aerospace industry and the standards they now achieve, particularly related to Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA). (Read more)

The Infinite Ideas interview with Stephen Brook

9 November 2015 by in Classic Wine Library, Wine and spirits

Prolific wine writer Stephen Brook, author of The wines of Austria had a quick chat about his favourite subject.

Perhaps the best known Austrian grapes are Grüner Veltliner and Blaufränkisch. What are the characteristics of these grapes that make them best suited to be grown in Austria?
Gruner Veltliner is wonderfully versatile. (Read more)