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Latest news

FREE ebook: 10 Management Models

27 February 2015 by in Business and finance

We have exciting news. You may have heard of our book, 100+ Management models, but did you know that you can download a free taster from Kindle? Our new free ebook, 10 Management models gives the reader a taste of what the print book is all about. Not sure whether you can benefit from the models? (Read more)

‘Brit’ish advice for Kanye West on how not to be a twat

25 February 2015 by in Entertainment, The Diversity Dashboard

Tonight is the night of the much-anticipated Brit awards where we will be dazzled by performances by Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Kanye West. Yes, you heard us, King Douche Kanye West will be gracing our humble British shores with his presence and will be reigning at the Brit awards this year. (Read more)

David Cameron dreams of the Iron Throne

20 February 2015 by in Business and finance, Game of Thrones on Business

The UK is gearing up for a big election in the next few months. Nick Clegg’s been locked up somewhere in the hope the electorate forgets about him, Labour has launched its ‘pink bus of feminism’ and Nigel Farage is trying not to look like a complete tool in the run up to voting day (not that that seems to matter to the UKIP faithful). (Read more)