Corporate wellness

Switched-on organisations know that happy and healthy employees are more creative, engaged and productive.

One certain way to give your company a boost is to encourage employees to live healthy, happy lives. But with reams of information out there on health, fitness and well-being it can be difficult to find the most useful information. That is why Infinite Ideas is working with top nutritionist Kate Cook to deliver simple, healthy ideas to workforces.

9781908984913Kate has worked with us to create a book full of the best information to ensure your employees enjoy working for you and perform at optimum levels. From the basics of nutrition to the pros and cons of the 5:2 diet and the best ways to fit exercise into a busy life to the power of mindfulness we have ideas suitable for employees in any company. With a special section on common problems associated with modern lifestyles, including stress, heart problems and addictions such as smoking and alcoholism, we’re also able to point each employee to the ideas that can help them the most. All the ideas are short and easy to digest and written in the friendly, non-preachy style that has proven successful in the courses Kate has delivered to organisations worldwide.

Kate Cook is a Harley Street nutritionist who has many years of experience working as a wellness speaker and consultant for a range of top companies such as Selfridges, Prêt a Manger, JP Morgan and EDF.

Kate Cook’s Wellness Plan is adaptable to your company’s needs and can be personalised in several ways, including a bespoke cover or a personalised introduction. If you would like to buy some copies for your workforce we’d be delighted to hear from you. Email with ‘Corporate Wellness’ in the subject line.