The wines of Piemonte

by David Way
The wines of Piemonte
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Pub Date: August 2023
Print ISBN: 9781913022150
Pages: 320

Piemonte is home to the indisputably great wines of Barolo and Barbaresco, made from the Nebbiolo grape variety. It also has a fascinating range of red, white and sparkling wines, nearly all made from local or long-domiciled varieties. The wines of Piemonte evaluates the current state of the Nebbiolo wines and gives a substantial introduction to Piemonte’s other vinous treasures, often overlooked by wine lovers. Following chapters on the history, geography, soils and climate of the region, Way turns to the main theme of his book: the relationship between each place and a single grape variety, and how this defines the region’s wines. Exploration of this crucial relationship is accompanied by profiles of the producers who grow and interpret the grapes in their location to create their wines, and assessment of the challenges affecting the industry.