Spirits distilled

by Mark Ridgwell
Spirits distilled
Available as:
Pub Date: September 2016
Kindle ISBN: 9781910902530
Print ISBN: 9781908984678
Pages: 276

Every bartender must know each and every ingredient behind the bar. The third edition of Spirits distilled, by Mark Ridgwell, is a comprehensive guide to all of the major spirits categories. Taking the reader through the principles of distillation to an explanation on how to taste spirits, Ridgwell reveals the history and legends behind vodka, gin, tequila, genever, rum, brandies, liqueurs, eaux-de-vie, flavoured white spirits and the entire range of whiskies. Lovers of spirits will find this book to be an invaluable resource for understanding and appreciating the world of spirits from a qualitative rather than quantitative perspective. Professionals too will find the quizzes in Spirits distilled a particularly useful tool for understanding better the spirits they sell. This edition of Spirits distilled contains a new chapter on cocktails by drinks consultant Michael Butt, with a section at the end of each spirit chapter detailing the best cocktails featuring that spirit.

An essential book that belongs on the reference shelf of everyone who works with or enjoys spirits, Spirits distilled is a classic in the making.


‘given the increased interest in spirits, this is a wonderfully timely book.’ —Wine-searcher.com

‘Those who work with spirits or simply enjoy them should take a look at a new book on the intoxicating subject.’ – So Tunbridge Wells magazine

‘an excellent reference manual for industry professionals.’ – Foodepedia.com

‘this is a decent addition to the bookshelves’ – The Vodka Guy

‘an absolutely fascinating book’ – Foodytraveller.com

‘I don’t really like drinks books. They normally preach to me and I feel SMALL. [Mark Ridgwell’s Spirits distilled, however, in particular], the mescal and tequila page [was] so good. I finished it. What an oeuvre.’ – Rupert Ponsonby, Director R and R Teamwork Media Relations

‘This is an absolute must for anyone who is thinking of becoming a bartender, the information in here is invaluable for them. I would definitely recommend it.’ – Michael John Sweetman, National Vice President of UKBG

‘Great book. Rare to get such a conversational tone along with so much factual material. It’s normally one or the other.’ – Graham Holter, Editor and Publisher, The Wine Merchant Magazine.

‘It all makes an essential read for the bartender wanting to further their knowledge.’ – Australian Bartender