by Julian Jeffs
Available as:
Pub Date: November 2019
Kindle ISBN: 9781910902905
Print ISBN: 9781913022099
Pages: 346

This is the sixth, fully revised and updated edition of Sherry, first published in 1961. It explores the fascinating, turbulent history of the sherry region and details its wine production—from the planting of vines in the south of Andalusia and the complex stages of fermentation, ageing, and blending, to the moment it leaves the bottle. Included are details of the traditional family names and new boutique bodegas, updated for 2019. Julian Jeffs is a leading writer and authority on European wine, and has written several books on Spanish and Portuguese wine. He began his career as a barrister in 1958, working as a QC, Bencher and a deputy High Court Judge. He was a founder of the Cambridge University Wine and Food Society and President of the Circle of Wine Writers. He has written extensively about the Sherry trade.


Times Literary Supplement review December 2014

‘Very few books on Sherry in English compare to this work.’ – Jerez-Xeres-Sherry blog

‘exceptional […] this is an obligatory purchase for any wine library.’ – Wayward Tendrils Quarterly

‘a worthy update’ – Decanter Magazine

‘This book about Sherry is a classic […] No stones are left unturned, all aspects are covered: history, terroir, the land, production, the trade and the shippers and the different styles of sherry of course.’ – BKWine Magazine

‘written in such an attractive manner that is a joy to read.’ –

‘the definitive work about this luscious wine.’ – The Foody Traveller

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