Authentic leadership by Bas Blekkingh

20 April 2015 by in Authentic leadership, Business and finance

Could you be a great leader?

What if you could lead better simply by being yourself? No more management training courses or lengthy leadership seminars, just a chance to let the real you shine and achieve success at work and at home.

It sounds too good to be true but a new book called Authentic Leadership, by business consultant Bas Blekkingh, claims anybody can be a great leader just by being ‘real’. Many business books will tell you that in order to lead others you need to perfect certain management techniques or influencing skills. But Blekkingh says it’s far simpler than that – all we need to do is truly understand our own motivation and purpose and great leadership will naturally flow from that.

Bas Blekkingh has experienced many different styles of leadership throughout his career. As a junior world championship rower he was coached with the ‘no pain, no gain’ style of leadership; as an officer in the army he learned to think tactically and organise troops and as a leadership consultant he became familiar with the standard tips and tricks managers are taught to use. But he also discovered that all of these styles of management only took him so far, that something was holding him back and preventing him from feeling completely fulfilled in his work. Blekkingh says, ‘I came to the conclusion that true leadership is not about learning tricks. It’s about unleashing your authentic inner power and facing the fears that stop you giving yourself completely.’

Authentic LeadershipBlekkingh now runs a highly successful business teaching his insights and methods to other individuals and organisations. In Authentic Leadership he invites readers to learn these methods in order to create more, do more, inspire more and achieve more both at work and in their lives beyond their jobs. He encourages readers to journey through his field-tested seven-layered model in order to discover their mission in life and demonstrates that leading is about more than merely managing others.

Authentic Leadership is an inspirational, sometimes challenging book that enables readers to create an environment where achievement and fulfilment positively reinforce each other, whether they are a manager, coach, consultant, professional or teacher. So what are you waiting for? Get your copy today!

Authentic Leadership