Nigel Farage’s leadership in doubt

16 March 2015 by in Authentic leadership, Business and finance

The general election is only a few weeks away and, quite frankly, we’re already bored with the cat fights over debates and empty promises that are being thrown at us. However, some good news has surfaced today from none other than Nigel Farage (yes, believe it!). Farage has announced that if he does not win a seat in his constituency, South Thanet, he will step down as the UKIP Party leader.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Vote this man out of our newspapers, off our televisions, and into the ‘Bad People of History’ books forever. No more will we have to suffer his incessant misogyny, racism, bigotry (we could go on) while he sups on a pint of John Smith and drops fag ash all over the floor again. We will banish him.

How can we do this? We hear you ask. Quite simply, the best way would be to move to South Thanet, register to vote there, and not vote for Farage. Why vote for a pub frequenter when you can vote for a pub landlord instead?

Pub landlordThere are many reasons that we believe Al Murray should win a seat in Parliament over Nigel Farage. Firstly, he actually went to Oxford University, unlike UKIP member Natasha Bolton, who claimed she studied PPE at Wadham College before the university refuted this. What’s more, he studied there alongside our very own company accountant so he definitely has our vote!

Al Murray’s Pub Landlord is much more in touch with the people of Britain than Nigel Farage. For one thing, rather than sitting in one pub continuously, he takes his message on the road, performing gigs to crowds of adoring fans. Yes, his message might be a little ‘too much’ for some people but it is popular none-the-less.

Finally, we all know that the Pub Landlord is just a character. We think Al Murray is a top bloke really and will make a much fairer and more honest MP than anybody in the UKIP party. We’re hoping that many people of South Thanet who like what UKIP is preaching, will vote for Murray out of stupidity and that the rest will vote out of a desperate act to prevent Farage from gaining any more power. Why should we give these bigots a soap box to stand on?

We have lots of books on management and leadership. Bas Blekkingh’s Authentic leadership will be published in April. We think Farage should give it a read!

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