Mosquitoes: banish the bloodsuckers with helpful herbal remedies

21 May 2014 by in Lifestyle

Finally the weather seems to be warming up, but just as the rest of us are merrily digging out or shorts and flip-flops the newspapers decide they need to put a stop to our fun. Apparently mosquitoes are becoming increasingly prevalent in urban areas (it’s our water-conserving water butts that are to blame it would seem). So how can you avoid getting bitten and what can you do about it if you’re unfortunate enough to be feasted upon by one of these pesky biters?

Herbal expert Barbara Griggs notes that if your bedroom isn’t mosquito-proofed (e.g. with a screen or a mosquito net), you’ll need to wear an effective repellent. Many people dislike deet-based ones because of the smell or the harsh chemicals. You can buy a natural, delicious-smelling herbal moisturiser called Alfresco, which contains a range of essential oils formulated by a clever lady who once worked at London’s Chelsea Physic Garden and passed rigorous testing at the London School of Tropical Medicine. Numbers of film stars working in bug-ridden locations have sworn by it – including Mel Gibson when filming Braveheart in the midge-ridden moors of Scotland.

Mosquito_BiteThe essential oil of lavender works both as repellent and bite-soother: a few drops on your pillow or in a burner will repel the mozzies, and you can apply it neat to bites and stings. (If you’re off on holiday, by the way, that bottle of lavender oil should be wrapped up tight in cling film before packing unless you want your entire holiday wardrobe to smell of lavender.)

Infinite Ideas’ armoury of natural mosquito-banishing substances also includes products containing citronella. Derived from a type of lemongrass, products made using this repellent include candles, incense sticks and body lotions. Not only does it smell pleasant, it’s efficacy has even been proved in scientific studies. Just remember not to apply the essential oil neat to your skin – put a few drops in a neutral base oil such as almond before massaging it on to exposed areas.
Most important of all though – enjoy the summer!

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