The Classic Wine Library collections

We have created five three-book collections so you can now buy multiple books with just one click of your mouse button. Not only are the sets a convenient way to buy more than one book, they also represent a significant saving on buying the books individually – £62.49 instead of the usual £90.00. They could provide the inspiration for your next wine purchase, dinner party or even your next holiday, so why not take a look at them now? Click on the collection image to find out more.

France produces some of the best wines in the world, and this collection contains three French gems.

The last few decades have seen some neglected wine regions experiencing a revival and new areas making a name for themselves; here are three wine regions that are definitely in the ascendant

A collection that represents three of today’s hottest trends in wine and spirits

Some of the world’s oldest wine-producing areas are in southern Europe; this collection brings together three of today’s most exciting.

A collection of authoritative books on the world’s top three fortified wines.