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A collection that represents three of today’s hottest trends in wine and spirits. In Rosé, Elizabeth Gabay MW explores the wines behind the huge recent boom in the popularity of pink wines and discovers that far from merely being fashionable and undemanding, the wines created by today’s rosé producers are every bit as complex and intriguing as their red and white cellarmates. In Spirits Distilled spirits guru Mark Ridgwell looks in detail at all forms of spirits – from whisk(e)y to brandy, tequila to gin – discovering the stories behind the drinks as well as details of how each is made, all accompanied by a selection of cocktail recipes from mixologist Michael Butt. The third book in the set, Biodynamic Wine, sees eco-wine expert Monty Waldin detailing the theory and practice of one of the most important current trends in viticulture and winemaking, with producers from Bordeaux to the Barossa Valley and Chablis to California discovering the remarkable effect converting to biodynamics has had on their wines.