What we mean when we talk about managing people

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by Des Dearlove Stuart Crainer
What we mean when we talk about managing people
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Pub Date: September 2016
Print ISBN: 9781908984593
Pages: 144

People are troublesome, demanding, questioning, sceptical, and sometimes plain difficult. Persuading them to engage with their work is ever more challenging.  Indeed, levels of employee engagement are staggeringly low. Raise these levels and companies and nations will see off-the-scale growth.

Thinkers50 founders Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove have interviewed hundreds of management experts from all parts of the world during the last 25 years.  They have grilled sports people, leaders from the medical profession, executive coaches, academic thought leaders and classrooms filled with ferociously bright and competitive MBA students all intent on getting the very best from people.

Crainer and Dearlove explore the realities of managing talent and the ideas behind it in a collection of insights and best practice covering everything from the thinking of gurus like Lynda Gratton, Dave Ulrich and Stew Friedman, to best practice in entrepreneurial and social enterprise organizations, as well as major global corporations.

What We Mean When We Talk About Managing People is a smorgasbord of ideas rather than neatly packaged reference guide to received wisdom. Crainer and Dearlove conclude that successful talent managers defy overly neat categorization. What We Mean When We Talk About Managing People provides accessible, pithy inspiration for anyone who wants to create amazing teams. The war for talent has begun and there is only one winner: talent itself.