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Tips on how to reduce waste in construction and improve your profit margin

26 May 2016 by in Business and finance, Implementing ISO 9001:2015

Susannah_Clarke_PMIThis blog was written by Susannah Clarke, co-author of Implementing ISO 9001:2015

It’s waste Jim, but not as we know it…

Go to any construction site and waste, as we know it, is evident. It’s normal, some say common, for as much as 10% of the materials shipped to site to end up in the bin, which means there’s a cost to remove it from site, and a reduction on your margin as you have paid for materials which were surplus to requirements. (Read more)

Game of Thrones is full of business strategy – if you know where to look

3 May 2016 by in Business and finance, Entertainment, Game of Thrones on Business

As our winter draws (reluctantly) to a close we plunge once more into a world where winter is coming, and brings with it sex, intrigue, swordfights, skulduggery and dragons. Unless (or possibly even if) you’ve been living on a wi-fi free desert island for the last five years you will realise we are talking about Game of Thrones, season 6 of which reached our screens this month. (Read more)

Alice in strategy land by Kate M. Santon can help improve your business

1 April 2016 by in Business and finance

Why replacing the rulebook with a 150-year-old pair of novels can improve your business strategy

Rules abound in our working lives. Many people follow these rules unquestioningly, adhering to procedures, attending meetings and handing in reports. But are the long accepted ways of conducting business always the best? Are these rules and procedures helping or hindering our organizations? (Read more)