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Three revolutionary questions: A model for everyday performance improvement

22 April 2014 by in Authors' posts

by Jan Gillett, author of Making your work work

It’s easy to come up with complicated ways to change an organisation, but sometimes the simplest of models can be the most powerful. This Three Question Model for everyday performance improvement was developed over twenty years ago by Tom Nolan, Lloyd Provost and colleagues, and has stood the test of time in countless circumstances. (Read more)

Spritz speed-reading app: A blessing for modern readers?

16 April 2014 by in Apps, Technology

In today’s information society the amount of text we receive on a daily basis is vast; newspapers, magazines and books now compete for our attention with blogs, emails, texts and social media discussions. But traditional reading can seem time consuming; for many, the need to be able to read more text and faster is a dilemma they can relate to easily. (Read more)

Basil Bunting on Creative Writing

16 April 2014 by in Authors' posts

by Richard Burton, author of A strong song tows us

Hanif Kureishi isn’t the first author to cause outrage with off the cuff remarks about creative writing (see this Guardian article). Over 40 years ago Basil Bunting (probably deliberately) blew up the English department at the University of Victoria over the same issue. (Read more)