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Walter White: father, teacher, small business owner

21 July 2014 by in Business, Current affairs, Entertainment, Lifestyle

It’s coming up to a year since I signed up to Netflix, intending to terminate my subscription after the free trial had finished. Walter White, however, had other ideas for me. Vince Gilligan’s series, Breaking Bad, had not concluded and so I was stuck with Netflix until it had. Twelve months on, I’m still paying! (Read more)

Sherry Baby!

18 July 2014 by in Wine and spirits

Infinite Ideas are very excited today! The manuscript for Julian Jeffs’ sixth edition of the ultimate Sherry guide has arrived and will be ready for publication in November. Here’s a little something to wet your appetites:

Sherry_JeffsA sickly old-fashioned drink fit only for the plughole, or one of the world’s best value and underrated drinks? (Read more)

A Day in the Life of a Book on the Underground

17 July 2014 by in Book publishing, Entertainment, Lifestyle

This morning I started my day at Dalston Junction. The weather was so lovely and hot I wanted to stay overground for as long as I could. I’ve got my lovely new sticker on my front so that people don’t throw me away. It says, ‘Pick me!’, ‘Read me!’. I could be their new favourite book. (Read more)