50 shades of great sex

11 February 2015 by in Entertainment, Lifestyle

There are only two days to go until the most anticipated film of the year is released in the cinemas. While many people have been protesting the release of 50 Shades of Grey, claiming it promotes domestic violence, others have booked up their tickets months in advance (that’s delayed gratification for you!)

One can’t help but notice the rather obvious connection between the film and its release date. Valentine’s Day is on Saturday; no doubt the production companies are hoping for a surge in ticket sales as husbands begrudgingly take their wives to the local Odeon for their annual night out together. We can’t think of anything worse than being taken on a date to a packed cinema where we watch two hours of BDSM with other couples, awkwardly checking our phones when the sex scenes begin and desperately hoping to have a normal conversation at the pub afterwards.

better sexHowever, for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing, and those who prefer a more, ahem, private Valentine’s Day, Infinite Ideas have a helpful selection of books to get you in the mood to spice up your weekend. If early reviews of the film are anything to go by you’ll find far more to titillate you here than in Sam Taylor-Johnson’s film.

Whether you’re looking for love or wanting to spice up things in the bedroom, we have something for all tastes: from Master dating to Erotic fantasies (the stacks in the library will never be the same again) or perhaps you’d like a night to yourself

If watching 50 Shades … has inspired you to commit your activities to film, then we have the book just for you: Secrets of porn star sex. This book could help you try something completely new on Valentine’s day, or, while it’s not intended as a career guide, it could help you get your dream job if you’re that way inclined. Its been tried and tested on many couples and has proven to be a real relationship booster as well as having launched the careers of three notable porn stars.*

Rather than churning out the same old kitsch-y bears with hearts rubbish (again, not our cup of tea) perhaps you can make this year’s Valentine’s Day one to remember (or forget, depending on the results of your experiment). Though we at Infinite Ideas want you to enjoy our ideas for great sex, please follow our advice with caution, be safe, and make sure you don’t lose the keys to those handcuffs.

*OK, this is what we hope the book will achieve.